New Membership:    Single: $150    Family: $200    Senior(65+): $140 Senior Family(65+): $190 Firearms Courses  ESC Range Hours  October 6-7, 2014: NRA Basic Reloading (more...) October 25-26, 2014: Personal Protection in The Home (more...) November 15-16, 2014: NRA Basic Pistol (more...) February 21-22, 2015: NRA Basic Pistol (more...) Mon - Sat:       Sunday:         Shooting is allowed during the posted open hours ONLY. The ranges are closed during ALL scheduled events when safety is a concern( firearms training fishing derby, league nights, work party, etc ). See the range page for a list of closure dates. Ranges closed all day Easter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. (more... 8:30AM - 7:30PM 12:00PM - 7:30PM © 2014 Exeter Sportsman’s Club. All rights reserved.

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Club News & Notes  Gun Rights & News  NRA Membership Discount  Use the link below to Join the National Rifle Association( NRA )and save $10 on a one year membership. Visit the Exeter Sportsman’s Club’s Gun Rights & News Page for news stories and other useful information related to your gun ownership rights( more...) December 28, 2014: New NRA Basic Pistol course scheduled. Feb 21 - 22. Please see the Firearms Training page for more info and/or to sign up. (more...) Pictures of the 2014 ESC Annual Black Powder Turkey Shoot held on Oct 19th are now available for viewing on the Special Events page. (more...) November 1, 2014: All ESC Ranges and club grounds will be closed on Nov 3rd for sound testing. (more...) August 22, 2014: New Hunter Education Course scheduled. Sept 22nd, 24th, 26th, and 27th. See the HS page for more details and to sign up. (more...) The Civil Air Patrol will be using the range the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month from Sept 2014 - April 2015. The ESC ranges will be closed on these days to member use from 3:30PM - 7:00PM.