ďThe right of the people to keep and bear Arms,  shall not be infringed.Ē  - 2nd Amendment: United States Constitution -  EXETER  SPORTSMANíS  CLUB 1878
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March 21-22, 2015: Personal Protection in The Home (more...) April 18-19, 2015: NRA PPIH (more...) May 30-31, 2015: Personal Protection in The Home (more...) June 13-14, 2015: NRA Basic Pistol (more...)
Mon - Sat:       Sunday:         Shooting is allowed during the posted open hours ONLY. The ranges are closed during ALL scheduled events when safety is a concern( firearms training, fishing derby, league nights, work party, etc ). See the range page for a list of closure dates. Ranges closed all day Easter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. (more...
8:30AM - 7:30PM 12:00PM - 7:30PM
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Use the link below to Join the National Rifle Association( NRA )and save $10 on a one year membership.
Visit the Exeter Sportsman’s Club’s Gun Rights & News Page for news stories and other useful information related to your gun ownership rights( more...)
April 21, 2015: The ranges will be closed on May 2nd for Hunter Safety use and for the fishing derby work party.  If the work party finishes early the ranges will be opened once the Hunter Safety field day finishes. The ranges will also be closed on May 9th from 8:30AM - 1PM, or until all guests are gone, for the youth fishing derby. April 10, 2015: New Personal Protection Inside The Home( May 30- 31 )and Basic Pistol( June 13-14 )courses scheduled. See the Firearms Training page for info / to sign up and the range page to view range closure times. (more...) February 25, 2015: New Personal Protection Outside The Home course scheduled. April 18-19. This is a new course being offered for the 1st time so demand is high. Sign up early to get a spot. See the Firearms Training page for more info or to sign up. (more...)